eGuard Guardrail Systems

Safety railing systems play a prominent part in your workplace environment. They will not only keep your team safe, they will also help bring you up to code for OSHA compliance by putting a barrier between your worker and a hazard.

eGaurd specializes in both portable and permanent guardrail systems that meet or exceed OSHA Standard 1926.500. Each of these systems can be tailored to meet your site needs.

These systems are easy to install and offer diverse solutions to hazards within your current infrastructure. How can you tell which system is right for your needs? When choosing between a permanent system versus a mobile system one would need to take a few things into consideration.The first, being a given, making sure your system meets OSHA requirements. Beyond that, there are a lot of factors which can impact your decision. Budget, timeline, aesthetics among many others will be something to keep in mind when making a choice.

A few places where you will find guardrail systems could be anywhere from a commercial rooftop of any type, to loading docks, crowd control and pit protection among many others. 

eGuard Safe would be happy to spend some time visiting with you about your particular needs to create a space where your workers can freely move around a protected perimeter.