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OSHA Compliance

A fall from a rooftop will result in a worker’s death eighty-one percent (81%) of the time. Let eGuard help you with creating an OSHA compliant safety strategy to prevent this from happening and avoid costly fines.

Cost Effective

Our safety systems are designed in a manner of which you can start small and add as you go. We can address the imminent hazards immediately and build on at a later time to meet any budgetary concerns.

Risk Mitigation

Most rooftop fall fatalities are entirely preventable accidents. Having a playbook in place can help prevent that.

Green Ideas

Roof coatings provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to roof replacements. Let us show you how you can responsibly save your business money.

Peace of Mind

eGuard products and services are backed by top-notch manufacturer and product warranties so you can spend less time worrying about maintenance.

Smart Solutions

By integrating eGuard solutions, your business will be well poised to save a significant amount of money either by reducing insurance premiums, project maintenance needs, or simply and most costly, exposure to fines and lawsuits.

By the Numbers

eGuard believes that numbers speak for themselves.




cause of fatalities in construction are fall related


of those fatalities are from rooftops


of occupational deaths are fall related