eGuard Safe Protection Assessment

Falls are the leading cause of serious work related injuries and deaths. It is you, as the employer’s responsibility, to set up the workplace and prevent your employees from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations or into holes in the floor and walls. Each year in the U.S. more than 310 construction workers are killed and more than 10,350 are seriously injured by falls from heights.

Far too many preventable injuries and illnesses occur in the workplace. Let us help you avoid these commonly cited standards before OSHA shows up or someone gets hurt. These violations are very expensive and cause major disruptions in a company’s operations.

eGuard Safe has a confident understanding of OSHA regulations and provides a confidential assessment in order to protect your workforce from the danger of injurious or fatal falls.

Rooftop Safety Checklist

  • Roof Edge

    Is material and equipment storage located at least 6 feet from the roof edge?

  • Unprotected Edges

    Are there any open sides or unprotected edges?

  • Guardrails

    Are the necessary guardrails present and to proper code?

  • Signage

    Do you have all necessary signage posted and present?

  • Access Points

    Do skylights, or other dangerous openings like scuttle holes have screens?

  • Training

    Have all of your employees been trained on rescue equipment/techniques and fall protection programs?

  • Rescue Plan

    Has a rescue plan been designed and implemented?

If you are uncertain or have answered no to any of these questions, it’s likely you are in one, if not multiple, costly violations of local ordinance and code. You’ll need an eGuard Safe Protection Assessment to minimize your risk exposure.

Featured Project

Our Process

  • Proposal Request

    You’ll start by providing basic information regarding your building and needs.  This will help our team evaluate your project more quickly.

  • Inspection

    One of our team members will schedule an on-site visit, inspecting your building and answering any immediate questions that you have about the process.

  • Proposal

    Taking your needs, and your specific building into account, we’ll provide an informative proposal which will detail the timeline and budget associated with your roof restoration.

  • Work Begins

    Once your proposal has been signed off on, we get right to work, often beginning the restoration process in the following week, or sooner.

  • Project Completion

    We’ll do a final inspection of the restoration with someone on-site, and from that point forward, your building is covered by our SAFE extended warranty.  While it depends on your building, this is often completed in under 5 working days.